Bus conversions

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Buzzfeed article – UK “alternative” homes


Buzzfeed have written a fantastic in-depth article, reviewing and interviewing people living in alternative homes in the UK. It touches on planning permission being difficult to get (almost impossible for many), and interviews a few people living in moveable homes (canal boat, a van, an old ambulance).

If we are to have veg/chickens or have any kind of plumbing (i.e. do this long-term), we probably need a fixed place. however if we can scale down and live lightly, a canal boat or bus would be just fine. I’ve been thinking about buses recently, the hurdles would be getting a bus driver license and then converting (costs time rather than money, need somewhere to store bus while it’s being worked on). But we’d be able to move anywhere (would require a job that could work with this). Plumbing might be an issue…

First post!

So! What is this blog all about? This is for three girls to plan, plot and scheme their way to self-sufficiency. We will be posting ideas, plans and inspiration for our move to somewhere quiet, natural and most importantly: rent-free!

This is a long-term plan, involving clearing off our debts first (as much as possible), before investigating a plot of land and working out what we can build or park on it. The plan is for two homes, plus space for vegetable growing, chickens, maybe bees and some livestock!